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Environmental Policy

City Parks Services is committed to the safe and efficient delivery of services to our customers in a manner that minimises the impact to the environment.

City Parks Services is committed to conducting our business in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Employees, Agents and Contractors will be expected at all times to carry out their responsibilities in accordance with the spirit and intent of this Policy.

To fulfill this Policy, we will amongst other efforts: 

  • Monitor the impacts City Parks Services has on its employees, affected parties and the environment, through a dedicated programme;

  • Adopt a proactive and systematic approach to continuous improvement through risk based management and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management structure;

  • Implement training and awareness programmes to secure the commitment, participation and ownership of environmental initiatives by all employees;

  • Address the minimisation of emissions and waste generated by the organisation's activities through research into and development of recycling processes, cleaner production techniques and efficient utilisation of raw materials;

  • Manage, at minimum, the top five environmental aspects of the City Parks Services, setting objectives and targets to reduce their impact;

  • Assign Environmental Management equal priority with other activities central to the business;

  • Allocate resources towards the most appropriate environmental technology.  Include environmental considerations in the planning of all new projects;

  • Ensure that contracted services provided to City Parks Services are delivered in a manner consistent with this Environmental Policy

  • Senior management to at least annually review the environmental performance of our operations and seek opportunities for improvement.

  • Update this policy every two years.

Matthew Cotterall
General Manager
City Parks Services 
8 June 2016

City Parks Services also has depots located throughout Auckland, including Mt Wellington, Three Kings, Avondale, Kari St,  Auckland Domain and Waiheke Island.

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