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Berm Mowing

City Parks Services has a highly experienced team mowing almost 23,000 square metres of berms as part of the Western Streetscapes contract, originally with the Auckland City Council. This includes two runs of high profile mowing, principally on the main arterial roads, while another team of operators mows lower profile streets monthly. All mowing is scheduled and displayed on the Auckland Council website for residents to view.



A team of qualified spray operators sprays berm and path edges to keep things tidy. They also spray along boundary lines, property and building lines and around seats, bins, bus shelters, bike racks, signage, poles and street trees as well as kerbs and channels. Additionally, banks and other areas unable to be mowed are cleaned by the weedeating team.


Street Gardens

The City Parks Services street gardens team is made up of 12 qualified gardeners and horticulturalists. They look after around 600 gardens which are part of the western streets garden schedule, a contract that started with the Auckland City Council and was transferred to the Auckland Council in 2010.

Maintenance of the 600 gardens varies in frequency, which could be annual, quarterly, monthly or weekly depending on the profile of each garden. Six annual beds are replanted every six months appropriate to the season.


City Parks Services also provides these services for the Hauraki Gulf Islands and various other contracts, such as the Auckland Airport contract.

City Parks Services also has depots located throughout Auckland, including Mt Wellington, Three Kings, Avondale, Kari St,  Auckland Domain and Waiheke Island.

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