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Indoor Plant Hire

Indoor plants offer a number of advantages to an indoor space, including adding to the aesthetics of your environment.  Studies have shown that the roots and leaves of plants absorb many toxins, for example those released by printers and copiers.  People generally also find it mentally relaxing to have plants around, especially in the workplace.

Offices with indoor plants have been shown to have significant reductions in absences due to illness over a six-month period.  The type of symptoms reduced included eye irritations, dry throat, fatigue, cough and headache.  The presence of plants improves the indoor climate and, as a result, reduces stress for people in the immediate surroundings.

City Parks Services has supplied indoor plants for many years. We offer a full indoor plant hire and maintenance service to create an attractive office environment. We are able to recommend the most appropriate plants for your environment and plants and containers that will complement your interior design and enhance the premises overall.  All hire plants are fully cared for by our friendly, professional staff and replaced when necessary.

Short term plant hire for special functions is also available.  Civic and citizenhip functions are often supplied with plant displays on a short term bases.

"We offer a full indoor plant hire and maintenance service to create an attractive office environment."



  • Enhanced aethetics to complement your existing decor
  • High quality plants supplied, maintained and replaced when necessary
  • Expert qualified staff maintain the plants at your offices
  • Short term hire for special functions available
  • Indoor plants ensure improved air quality, and balance the humidity in your office
  • Indoor plants also filter air borne chemicals and toxins

City Parks Services also has depots located throughout Auckland, including Mt Wellington, Three Kings, Avondale, Kari St,  Auckland Domain and Waiheke Island.

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