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City Cleaning

City Parks Services has a strong focus on keeping the city clean. This includes:

  • Loose litter collection and bin emptying, at the road side and in town centres

  • Road and footpath sweeping and wet cleaning

  • Orderlies for ongoing cleanliness
  • Professional, systemised servicing of public toilets
  • Gully sucking (including checking and service, pumping out of inspection chambers and flooded areas, maintenance)

Contracts can be mutually designed and agreed with you depending on your specific needs.


Track Record

City Parks Services has been contracted to Auckland Council (and the previous Auckland City Council) for many years now to clean the streets and footpaths, to keep the city looking clean and tidy. This is a 24-hour service with much of the cleaning taking place during the early hours of the morning. We undertake both mechanical and manual sweeping of footpaths and streets as well as litter collection. An orderly also carries out spot cleaning in the CBD (Central Business District), Karangahape Road, Newmarket and Ponsonby shopping districts during the day.

The cleaning schedule varies throughout the city with high use areas such as the CBD being cleaned continually throughout the day. The shopping areas in the suburbs are cleaned nightly. Main arterial routes are swept weekly and residential streets are swept approximately every twelve weeks. Frequencies and exact cleaning schedules are planned appropriate in area's use. 


Related services include:

  • Recycle collection - curb side and town centres
  • Solid Waste Collection - wheelie bins, curb side and town centres

City Parks Services also has depots located throughout Auckland, including Mt Wellington, Three Kings, Avondale, Kari St,  Auckland Domain and Waiheke Island.

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