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What We Do


Many of the city's iconic parks, including Albert Park and the Domain, are under the care of City Parks Services. Responsibilities include mowing, trimming and weed control, as well as specialist plant maintenance.

  • Rose garden maintenance
  • Weed control - manual/mechanical
  • Herbaceous perennial border maintenance
  • Shrub gardens
  • Annual bedding displays
  • Hedge trimming
  • Conservatory maintenance and displays
  • Integrated pest management


We are experienced in working with our native plants, eco-sourcing seeds and working in sympathy with the natural environment in the region's parks and wetland areas. This includes maintaining tracks and walkways, and restoring native bush. 

  • Tree and shrub supply, planting and renewals
  • Maintenance and care of retention ponds and drainage areas
  • Integrated pest management
  • Track and walkway maintenance
  • Wetland, bush and coastal restoration

Nursery, PLANT supply and hire

Our major nursery is located in Kari Street, Grafton, Auckland, where we propagate many of the plants we use throughout the region. We also have a specialist nursery in the Auckland Domain catering specifically for the Wintergarden on site.

  • Plant brokering service
  • Plant selection for projects
  • Management of specialist plant collections
  • Eco sourcing of plants
  • Long term and one-off hire




Everyone expects public spaces to be clean and tidy, but few people give a thought to how they stay that way. We look after regular maintenance as well as providing special post-event clean up services.

  • Construction and maintenance services
  • Installation of furniture, fixtures and paving
  • Event waste management
  • Maintenance of public art works and monuments
  • Maintenance of water features


Compaction relief, soil aeration, and seed scarification. We offer a full range of services for the area's central and western sports fields, including bookings, liaison with the various sports codes, cleaning of changing sheds, as well as specialist turf management services.

  • Cricket wicket constuction, preparation, maintenance and renovation
  • Sports field reconstruction and levelling
  • Client and sports code liaison
  • Cleaning of toilets and changing sheds
  • Irrigation design, installation and maintenance
  • Over-sowing and fertilising
  • Soil and sand field development, maintenance and renovation
  • Field marking
  • Sports field bookings
  • Mowing of passive and active turf, rotary and reel
  • Fine amenity turf establishment and care


Keeping the region's streets and footpaths tidy includes a range of services, such as mowing, sweeping, chewing gum removal and rubbish collection. City Parks Services offers a full range of services to maintain streetscapes.

  • Mowing of berms including long reach mowing
  • Street orderly functions
  • Steam cleaning
  • Wet and dry footpath scrubbing
  • Waste management and litter collection
  • Roadway vegetation control
  • Street sweeping
  • Chewing gum removal


It's important that the region's cemeteries are well cared for, including the green areas as well as the headstones. In addtion City Parks Services organises burials and interments, and is able to offer restoration services.

  • Cemetery burials and internments
  • Headstone and monument restoration
  • Sexton services
  • Custom liaison


As well as the range of services offered in the field, City Parks Services also offer a range of professional services from feasibility studies to project management.

  • Consultancy services
  • Asset quantification and condition auditing
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project management



City Parks Services also has depots located throughout Auckland, including Mt Wellington, Three Kings, Avondale, Kari St,  Auckland Domain and Waiheke Island.

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